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Short-term evening sessions

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Short-term therapy has a number of benefits which I will try to outline below. I am currently offering short-term therapy with a duration of 8 or 12 weeks remotely via video.

While working towards a closer end date can place limits on what can be achieved, it is this looming end date that is often kept in mind and it is not uncommon for important realisations to occur as this ending approaches.

Short-term therapy can also be a great way to gain an initial experience of therapy. Perhaps dipping in feels easier and more attainable than taking the plunge. It could be an option for those who feel more cautious about what therapy might uncover. Some might choose to return to therapy at a later date, others might feel that this experience is sufficient.

Sometimes, we might just want to get back on our feet. It might not be the right time to go into ourselves more deeply. If short-term therapy can assist someone in feeling better on a day-to-day basis, to get out of bed feeling brighter or for a touch of re-grounding, it has its place. In some cases, it can just be used to get back into a daily routine.

I have current openings for short-term evening sessions of either 8 or 12 weeks in duration. Where I am fully booked for these sessions, I will open a waiting list and provide you with a date of when your therapy can start.

These evening sessions will take place remotely. I am trained to work both in-person and remotely and successfully provide therapy in both settings. Remote therapy can be particularly useful in the numerous situations where in-person sessions are not possible. You would need a regular quiet spot where you won't be disturbed, some headphones and a computer (smartphones don't work as well).

If you are interested in booking a space, please contact me on


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