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Family Court

Whether it is a divorce and/or a child-related case, it is not uncommon today to find oneself in the UK family courts. Walking through this unfamiliar territory, on top of the wholly justified emotions involved in separation, divorce and children, those unwanted feelings of anger, fear and sadness are all very common. There is often little readily available to support the mental wellbeing of those going through this process.

When it comes to the formal and rigid formalities of the courts and the stress surrounding the communications, there is not a great deal of space to be vulnerable, to be human and to truly express feelings. Holding it together just isn't going to be sustainable for many and for the duration that cases can go on for.

With such pressure to "perform" in time-limited hearings, on top of managing the communications and preparing the paperwork, even with the best possible legal support, the road is going to feel bumpy.

I offer ongoing weekly psychotherapy which can run for part or throughout a family court case involving divorce and/or domestic abuse, with or without children. These sessions are remote and usually run on a weekly basis.

Narcissism in the Family Courts

Going through the family courts and coming up against someone with strong traits of narcissism is not going to be an easy ride. These cases can be very shocking and specific in their nature, often leading to traumatic experiences. There is likely to be the additional pressure of engaging in a system which does not encourage, or at times even acknowledge, labelling the behaviour which is happening or using the terms to explain this behaviour. This stance can leave those going through such a painful process feeling confused, isolated and vulnerable.

Due to the nature of narcissistic abuse, which can occur within family court cases, in addition to ongoing therapy and separate to this service, I offer one-off remote sessions for crisis moments. These sessions are one hour in duration.

If you have any questions at all or would like further information, please contact me at

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