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Initial assessment to check suitability to psychodynamic therapy.


Weekly therapy sessions at the same time each week

Each session is 50 minutes in duration

Short-term therapy is 8-12 sessions

Open-ended therapy 

Sessions can be in-person or remote. For remote sessions, no software is required. 


This photo symbolises how deeper and more hidden aspects of ourselves can come together and connect in therapy. Psychodynamic therapy aims to assist in you learning about parts of yourself which might not be apparent to you and which might be holding you back or causing you discomfort in your life.

I have experience in working with anxiety, depression, autism, addiction, complex trauma and PTSD, grief, domestic abuse, anger management, identity, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts and personality disorders. 


It is important that you feel comfortable in therapy and with your therapist. We would begin with an assessment, providing you with an opportunity to get a feel for the sessions with me and to discuss your needs and aims for therapy. 

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