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Where Therapy Meets Mindfulness

One-off sessions (1hr.) offered for moments of crisis

Weekly remote therapy available for part or the entirety of your case


Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes each



At the root of this service is an understanding that family court cases often involve endings and changes in relationships, whether that be through divorce, separation or a reduction in contact with children. There is also an awareness within this service of narcissistic abuse and how this can play out in the family court setting. Emotions are going to be high and often with such tremendous pressures to hold everything together. 


My therapy service offered to individuals going through family court cases offers more flexibility in its approach than psychodynamic therapy would usually permit. I have combined short-term psychotherapy with the additional recommendation of mindfulness practice throughout. This service is short-term and seeks to provide a safe space for the clients emotions and feelings to be held, processed and managed either at critical moments in the case or throughout. 


The service of one-off sessions aims to provide support in crisis moments. There is not a requirement to commit to weekly therapy to access this part of my service. 

Please contact me for further information. 

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